Introduction: History and Political Science Essays

The essays that are posted on this website were written during David Kute’s days as an undergraduate at UCLA. They date from the years 2003-2006. 

Some have been edited slightly to reflect feedback from teaching assistants and professors. If an essay has been edited, there will be a note at the end that states it was changed along with a date. Because of a crashed hard drive, many files were lost, including bibliographies for many essays. However, since they were mostly assignments and often mention the principal sources being used, understanding the references should not be too difficult. 

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Gilgamesh and Immortality

Causes of the French Revolution

The Demise of the July Monarchy

Erasmus and the Ideal Ruler

Tyranny and Resistance Theory

Tito and Stalin

The Problem of the Intellectual Writer

Criticisms of Democracy

Chinese Immigration and the Exclusion Acts

Painting Superior to Sculpture

Dangers and Rewards for Renaissance Merchants